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Frequently Asked Questions

The Right Internet Connection Is Critical To The Success Of Your Business Quality service is essential to grow your business.

Payment & Billing Related Questions

You can make online bill payment via credit card/debit card/Net banking by logging into your account at under ‘my bill’ section.

You can change your tariff plan by contacting us on our helpline no: +919990-5550-35 or by writing us at [email protected]. Live chat is available on our website i.e

Minimum service contract duration is one (01) month.
There are no hidden charges other than the Plan charges + One time Installation charges. After the first month, the monthly rental for the chosen plan is applicable for internet service delivery.

Nextgen Broadband empowers you to control your speeds and spends. Click here to check all plans offered by Nextgen Broadband.

Technical Questions

One gigabit per second (Gbps) is equivalent to 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) internet connection. One Gbps is also called 1000 Mbps or 1 GIG. This is the fastest broadband Internet connection available in India, enabling you to browse the web and upload or download files faster than ever before.

We will provide you with an ONT device that terminates the fiber cable at your location. Along with this, you will receive D-Link DIR 825 AC1200 Dual Band Gigabit router that is designed to give the best experience of 1 Gbps connection. With this, you can: Simultaneously stream HD and 4K content on multiple devices Seamlessly play multiplayer online gaming Video call without buffer Backup to cloud or download software and program updates in seconds Set parental control on usage Connect to storage, printer etc. via 4 Gigabit ports and USB port

Asymmetric bandwidth gives you different speeds for upload and download (Download like browsing, watching movies, downloading songs, etc. is usually higher than uploads like file upload, etc.). Symmetric bandwidth allows you same speeds for both upload and downloads.

On connecting to the internet your device is automatically given IP (Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are 2 types of IP address – static and dynamic.

Static IP address always remains the same. Dynamic IP address changes from session to session and is given to Business users.

FTTH stands for Fiber-to-the-Home. This means a fiber optic line is hooked directly to your home or business. Fiber optic line uses a thin strand of glass to transmit beams of light that carry an amazing amount of data. This delivers high-speed Internet services.

Fair Usage Policy (also known as Fair Access Policy or Bandwidth Cap) is implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) where once you reach data transfer limit as per the plan opted, speed reduces to as stated in your plan and is reset as per plan at the start of your next monthly billing cycle.

Hi, Welcome to NextGen World.
A world that gives you lightning-fast internet.

Hi, Welcome to NextGen World.

A world that gives you lightning-fast internet.
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