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We believe that high speed Internet can help you to a better life.

That's Why

With science and technology, we have created an infrastructure that helps you with high-speed internet

How we started

Started with ambition and a dream about a better life.

Necessity is the mother of Invention, no more remains the definition for the pace at which communication in this world is transforming itself from a mere need to a desired want. Invention has further been replaced by customer requisite innovations.
New Technology

Our Technology Focus

NextGen Broadband is an Internet Services Provider (ISP) company providing Fast and Reliable broadband and lease line services using a latest set-up of technologies and a vendor of ANI Network(Delhi). With quality and customer satisfaction as the major benchmarks for any service provided at NextGen Broadband, we have also managed well to provide all the services at reasonable rates encompassing all TRAI regulations and standards. We have harnessed superior technology with many innovative measures to ensure QOS commensurate with World standards.
Our Values

The power of Nextgen


Nextgen’s mission is to advance technology across India. Nextgen enhances economic growth by meeting the mission-critical needs of our state’s education, research, health care and public service communities. In this always-changing industry, we strive to do the right thing and serve our customers with quality Internet and related services, backed by the best technical support. By putting you, the customer, at the centre of everything we do, our goal is continually to evolve our suite of services to help you gain a competitive technological edge.


Nextgen is committed to serving as the leading internet and network service provider for the state of India. We strive to fulfill a critical role within the success of our state by enabling citizens to cross state boundaries and reach around the world. We accomplish this vision by keeping pace with ever-changing technological advancements and by being the first to deploy those technologies across our state. We envision our customers’ needs even before they do and foster early adoption of advanced networking technologies. By providing leading-edge innovation, we empower our customers to create their own paths to success and improve their lives and the lives of those they serve.


Nextgen is dedicated to providing the most advanced network in the country. To achieve this, our team embraces values that guide our decisions and drive our actions in everything we do. We commit ourselves to values that build a foundation for delivering a network that empowers our customers and their communities to succeed today and tomorrow.

Contributing to India’s Success

India fulfills a unique role in India’s success by supporting the missions of those organizations that serve the citizens of our state. We recognize the importance of this role in the future of our state and recognize our success depends on the success of those we serve.

Opening a Window to the World

In today’s global economy, we must connect local communities to each other and the world beyond. To stay competitive, our state’s citizens need access to every corner of the globe, and Nextgen Broadband is committed to providing a window to the world through an advanced network unlike any other in our state.

Advancing Leading-Edge Technology

Nextgen strives to bring leading-edge technology to our state. By positioning Nextgen as the state’s technology leader, we ensure our customers are at the forefront of innovation and have access to technology that meets their needs and advances their missions. We encourage our customers to embrace new technology and show them how they can empower their work through technology advancements.

Building Partnerships

Nextgen seeks strategic partnerships to create synergies that enable us to achieve more than we could alone. By partnering at the local, state and national level, we bring together organizations and individuals to eliminate boundaries and create value for those involved.

Achieving Cost Savings

Nextgen Broadband demonstrates fiscal responsibility by achieving cost savings for our organization through vendor negotiations and resource collaboration. We also secure savings for our customers through consistent, cost-effective services.

Promoting Customer Orientation

Nextgen’s leadership promotes customer-oriented thinking at all levels of our organization. By maintaining focus on our customers’ needs, we ensure our services not only meet, but exceed expectations.


Meet the Team

We are intelligence in action.

Mayank Jangid

Co-Founder & CTO


Hi, Welcome to NextGen World.
A world that gives you lightning-fast internet.

Hi, Welcome to NextGen World.

A world that gives you lightning-fast internet.